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Local Chimney Sweep Bodmin

If you require a local chimney sweep in Bodmin, then get in touch with Duchy Chimney Sweeps & Stove Installations today. We offer a comprehensive chimney sweeping service, offering nest and blockage removal through to smoke tests, vacuum cleaning and house insurance compliance certificates. If you have a chimney for solid fuel and gas fires, we recommend that you have your chimney swept annually. Having a regular chimney service will ensure that any blockages and soot that could cause a fire hazard is eliminated. We assess and discuss all jobs with our customers, clarifying the work that needs to be performed. Our chimney cleaning service is efficient, usually lasting around an hour, and we ensure that no dirt and dust is left behind.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team today to make an enquiry.

Chimney Cleaning

Following an inspection of your chimney, we can offer chimney cleaning that is thorough and professional, ensuring your chimney is safe for continued use. With our state-of-the-art equipment and vacuums, we can effectively remove soot, debris and blockages from chimneys and fireplaces, so that fuel can be burned safely.

Chimney Smoke Test

Here at Duchy Chimney Sweeps & Stove Installations, our qualified team can perform a chimney smoke test or chimney smoke spillage test following the correct, professional procedures. Having regular chimney smoke tests performed is essential. A chimney smoke test can identify any leakages that may be hazardous to the occupants of the property.

Bird Nest Removal

Asides from hearing birds chirping in your flue, a sign that you have some feathered friends in your chimney includes twigs dropping into your fireplace. Nests in chimneys can result in large blockages that form serious fire hazards. This means it is vital you get an expert chimney sweep to dislodge it. While it might seem cruel to remove a bird nest, its presence in your chimney can result in sudden fires and pose health and safety risks. For instance, they can result in mites and parasites getting carried into your household.

Here at Duchy Chimney Sweeps & Stove Installations, we have the tools necessary to carry out bird nest removal seamlessly. After removing the birds’ nest, we will perform a smoke test to ensure the fire has the right draw. If the test results are positive, this means combustion is occurring correctly and a blockage is no longer present.

Affordable Chimney Sweeping

We proudly offer effective and affordable chimney sweeping to customers in Bodmin and the surrounding areas. Whether you are based in Bodmin or in a surrounding area of Mid Cornwall, including St Austell, Fowey, Lostwithiel or Liskeard, come to us for a service you can rely on.

Call Duchy Chimney Sweeps & Stove Installations

If you require a local chimney sweep in Bodmin, contact Duchy Chimney Sweeps & Stove Installations today.

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